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  • Dr. Jeffrey

    Dr. Phillips grew up in a small farm town in Illinois. Working on the farm at age 10 he developed a very strong work ethic. In 1981 while getting ready for a bodybuilding show he injured his back doing dead lifts in the gym. For two weeks he had no improvement after using different medications, so he decided to try chiropractic. Like most people not knowing much about chiropractic he was not very confident it would work. But soon after receiving treatment his condition did get better.

    Being so impressed with the philosophy of natural care to heal the body he decided to enrol at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport Iowa, in 1983. He graduated in 1986 and received his license to practice in the state of California in 1987. He has been practicing in Woodland since 1988. 

    It has been a very exciting and fulfilling career to help so many people over the years get well without the use of drugs or surgery. We are not opposed to medical treatment, in fact, many times we do refer our patients to other health specialists when needed. But if possible we try our best to do it naturally.

    Dr. Phillips is a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California. He can evaluate your condition to determine if we can help you or send you to the proper medical specialist.


    • Graduate of Augustana College , Rock Island, IL 1981
    • BA in Business & Psychology
    • Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1986, Davenport, IA


    • Industrial Disability Evaluator 
    • Independent Medical Examiner 
    • Qualified Medical Examiner 
    • KDT Certified Practitioner


    Licensed to practice chiropractic:

    • California 
    • Idaho 


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